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28 Feb
Posted by in Joomla

As websites and project requirements become more and more complex and people running those websites become busier and busier, web technologies are being developed to fill that gap between complex systems and lack of nerdy web skills.

Joomla, one of the most popular Content Management System platforms on the planet, offers a great balance between ease of use and high end website features. It provides an easy way for end users to manage content while giving developers plenty of flexibility for building any type of site a project might require.

One of the drawbacks to any CMS, or any web technology for that matter, is that as easy as the platform may be, there are still tricky aspects of its usage that are hard to overcome without help. Joomla is no exception. As great as the CMS is, beginners still need help getting up to speed, especially with the more complex features such as access control.

14 Feb
Posted by in Joomla


We are really glad to released Helix - II Beta version for Joomla 3.0. We could say that this version is close to the stable version. After lots of hard work now our admin interface is the masterpiece in Joomla! world.

We improved shortcodes, all known bugs, typography and functionality. So, enjoy the Helix power!.

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