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We have extended duration of Personal, Business and Developer Membership by adding 1 month free. But why, you might ask. Because we know that you were waiting so long to get January template. So this  goodwill gesture from our side is to sweeten your expectation, and it's sort of "sorry for waiting" gift.

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In general I should say that Joomla 3.4 have already all new features build-in since January 20th 2015 - when developers decided to freeze add new ones. Since today you can download J! 3.4 Beta 1 and check what is inside.

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xmas2014 joomla discountJoomShaper is offering huge 50% discount on all membership plans. This limited time offer is only valid 31st Dec 2014, so make sure to purchase early. Everyone can enjoy.

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It begins with curiosity and an open mind, it begins with people with a talent for both observation and creative problem-solving. JoomShaper team listened to what people wanted, and we watched as independent Joomla! developers use our template framework in their projects. We spend many hours on talking how we can improve Helix.  And now we can show preview of upcoming version.

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joomla discount-2014-december

Grab 35% discount on JoomShaper.com website, it means that you will pay less to get a full membership with all useful & beautiful Joomla! Templates. Is this all? Of course not, we also offering you a 25% discount if you will decide to buy SP Page Builder Pro. And we have list of 14+ more coupons.

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Born from Ukrainian mother and Russian father, migrated to the United Kingdom in 1999, our new Support Manager Alex Smirnov has been devoting his knowledge of and passion for Joomla CMS and its extensions to their diverse global community since 2005.

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If you didn’t know, we’re a Joomla template-focused company. This means we pay attention to what our customers’ needs through all the feedback we can possibly collect, evaluate what those reviews mean, have conversations with our customers and change course as needed. This enables us to be as efficient with our resources as possible. As our customer, you ultimately benefit as we attempt to make sure we’re spending as much time as we can developing the products, helpful content, and support you need. Also to help increase performance for website's which You are planning to build in future we'd developed  a new component: SP Page Builder.

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K2 is probably the most popular and awarded content extension for Joomla! with CCK-like features. We also uses it in most of our Joomla templates. JoomlaWorks developer team some time ago decided to make important changes also to make more compatible with new Joomla 3.x environment. From about three weeks beta of 3th version is available for testers but it is NOT recommended for production websites.

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Eid is a worldwide festival and celebration of the Muslims. Eid Mubarak is a congratulatory greeting on the day of Eid used to bless one another. It means basically 'MAY YOUR DAY OF EID BE A BLESSED ONE!'. According to this event we are offering 30% discount coupon for huge savings for all subscriptions plans, here on joomshaper page.

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Bootstrap, the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework, is now ready for new global distribution with the announcement of Bootstrap 3.2.0. This new update again include many important improvements and new features. Here's a look at some of the highlights of this release:

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