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Today we updated two of our Joomla! templates. MegaDeal (for Joomla! 2.5) which was designed as a eCommerce platform with VirtueMart built-in. And Vocal template, which is ideal for all kinds of Music Events, Festival Website or even Dance and Night Club.

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onepage layout design - joomla 3 template

We are pleased to inform you that our OnePage template for Joomla has been updated to new version which has new features and improvements. As you might know One page design mostly instead of directing users to multiple pages with segmented content, a single page site simply “jumps” to the specific content a user requests from menu. Visitors can scroll down the page to view and read whole content. One-page design can quickly informs your clients of the info they need to know, no long description is necessary in this case.

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We are really happy to inform you that we have updated 14 templates quickstart pack for Joomla 3.3. We also have removed mootools depenedency from all of our Joomla 3.3 templates. We are commited to deliver best product/experience to all of our customers and this update is result of that comitment.

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Helix Framework 2.1.7

Most popular joomla templating framework Helix version 2.1.7 released. This release fixes two bugs. One is smart color manager bug and another is bootstrap.min.js multilple instance bug.

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SP Tweet 2.3.0Best twitter feed display joomla extension SP Tweet version 2.3.0 released. This release completely removed mootools dependency from joomla 3. Also fixed minor bug.

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Today we have released update of our 5 popular modules by removing mootools for joomla 3. Modules are SP Tab, SP Quick Contact, SP Accordion, SP Simple Youtube and SP Portfolio. We coded all script from the scratch in pure jQuery. Time to say bye by to mootools from Joomla 3.

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We are very much pleased to let you know that popular news display module News Show SP2 version 2.7 released for joomla 3+. We completely removed mootools dependency from this module. We also fixed all known bugs. We want to inform you that we will remove mootools from all our extensions one by one.

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We are very much delighted to inform you that Helix Framework version 2.1.6 is now available. Now its 100% compatible with Joomla 3.3. This version is 100% jQuery compatible and removed all mootools dependency.

This release also fixed incompatibilty issue with other 3rd party extensions.

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The News Show SP2 module release with 2 needed fixing.

  • The primary improvement is the ability to determine the ratio of thumbnail image
  • and second improvement on article word and character limits.

You can also see the change-long in its download section.

Upgrade Steps

Just download it from extension section and installed from extension manager.

Check the details

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We are very much delighted to inform you that Shaper Vocal now supports the most popular blogging component EasyBlog.

EasyBlog by Stackideas is undoubtedly the best blogging solution for Joomla websites. This is an amazing tool
for blogging from the front end and back end, blog remotely from email and windows LiveWriter. With Easyblog One can easily migrate blog from Joomla articles, K2 or Wordpress.

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