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Today we updated two of our Joomla! templates. MegaDeal (for Joomla! 2.5) which was designed as a eCommerce platform with VirtueMart built-in. And Vocal template, which is ideal for all kinds of Music Events, Festival Website or even Dance and Night Club.

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Work, as a web designer (Joomal & Wordpress), is really focused on helping our clients prepare project that they can imagine but not fully predict how it should look like. That's why many people search for a nice template(s) for their CMS. For them CMS it's only technical structure (skeleton), they need "skin". A graphic layer which makes their project unique but still easy to customize.

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JoomShaper Template Design Competition 2014

You live in Bangladesh and you're great template designer, and you think you have combination of 3 attributes: talent, skill, and experience. Try you luck, sharpen your skills, show off your talents, and build your resume with competition experience and of course win a Apple iPad Mini.  JoomShaper are arranging a web design competition for the purpose of BIPC Conference 2014.

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organic-life-wordpress-theme WP

If you are thinking of starting a green business, consider to use our new Wordpress theme called "Organic Life". Theme we made it allows you easy to sell natural products or just only promote healthy life style, recipes or different local shops with organic food. The main idea behind that WP theme was to help You begin eco-friendly website with attention to nature and organic products.  If you want to have a “green” business (healthy food, ecology or recycling), you've just found design for it.

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Helix II Framework is the combination of our JoomShaper templates best solutions. Our main aim was to move possibly a large number of parameters to administrative panel which normally were changed in template code directly. Thanks to this, beginner users, can easily add new module positions and change many settings in administrator panel from template option level. But time has come, we are ready improve our Helix plugin and we are waiting for Your suggestions, ideas and concepts.

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It’s official! Today we’re announcing the SP Page Builder RC1 release! We’ve allowed our customers to use and test the Beta 1 and 2 versions for a few weeks now and received great feedback. Is it production ready? We think so! Some of our customers are already using it in production without problems. We still plan to release  RC2 before SP Page Builder stable will be feature complete.

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If you’re building websites for several clients you’ll probably also want to also change the back-end of the Joomla 3.x administration panel. It can help implement a Corporate Visual Identity also for administrators dashboard (branding the CMS admin panel).

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People are looking for new travel destinations and they search for this information online each day. If you a planning to open a travel business you need a website or maybe your old website was created few years ago and that's why you are losing clients. To help your business grown we are presenting a Complex Creative Travel Agency Solution, Travel Kit for Joomla! 3.3+.

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Born from Ukrainian mother and Russian father, migrated to the United Kingdom in 1999, our new Support Manager Alex Smirnov has been devoting his knowledge of and passion for Joomla CMS and its extensions to their diverse global community since 2005.

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Graphic design is ubiquitous in modern websites. The one-page layout still is one of the popular web design trends. Those kind designs are often difficult to create, they request special template layout with lots of module positions in rows, and designers must clearly convey information while also satisfying aesthetic goals. The main concept of the One-Page layout is based on this idea: links don’t open a new page; instead, when a user clicks on the sub-menu links the screen jump down the page to that particular content’s section. These designs are challenging as they are less structured and have a wider range of sizes and aspect ratios. Aesthetics are also important, as designs must often be eye-catching and visually pleasing.

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