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25 Sep
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Born from Ukrainian mother and Russian father, migrated to the United Kingdom in 1999, our new Support Manager Alex Smirnov has been devoting his knowledge of and passion for Joomla CMS and its extensions to their diverse global community since 2005.

19 Sep
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Graphic design is ubiquitous in modern websites. The one-page layout still is one of the popular web design trends. Those kind designs are often difficult to create, they request special template layout with lots of module positions in rows, and designers must clearly convey information while also satisfying aesthetic goals. The main concept of the One-Page layout is based on this idea: links don’t open a new page; instead, when a user clicks on the sub-menu links the screen jump down the page to that particular content’s section. These designs are challenging as they are less structured and have a wider range of sizes and aspect ratios. Aesthetics are also important, as designs must often be eye-catching and visually pleasing.

17 Sep
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If you didn’t know, we’re a Joomla template-focused company. This means we pay attention to what our customers’ needs through all the feedback we can possibly collect, evaluate what those reviews mean, have conversations with our customers and change course as needed. This enables us to be as efficient with our resources as possible. As our customer, you ultimately benefit as we attempt to make sure we’re spending as much time as we can developing the products, helpful content, and support you need. Also to help increase performance for website's which You are planning to build in future we'd developed  a new component: SP Page Builder.

11 Sep
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It is a great opportunity for you to have a sneak peek on our upcoming stable version of SP Page Builder. Today we are proud to announce a new JoomShaper component with the full power of visual composer. Whether you’re a web designer or developer building commercial sites for clients or a business owner managing and maintaining your own website, SP Builder’s flexibility and functionality means one thing: web content design made easy. Take full control over your Joomla! 3.3+ site with our backend page builder extension.

05 Sep
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SP Page Builder is a Joomla 3.x+ component which allows end-users to easily compose custom designs using pre-defined elements. Build unlimited number of custom pages you can imagine with intuitive user interface drag & drop page builder extension – no shortcodes and programming knowledge required. We ensured that our page builder integrates seamlessly with CMS Joomla. We built SP Page Builder to work with just about any template (custom, free and commercial). There are ways though, to improve how you’re integrating with it to give users of your templates an even better page view building experience.

02 Sep
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Organic shop store joomla template

In life, there’s nothing more important than our health and it starts with the foods we eat and the products we use in our homes. The human body eventually heals on its own, but getting the proper nutrients can help you heal faster and more efficiently from injury. We created Organic Life - Joomla 3.3+ template for all those vegans & vegetarian who carre about ecology of food and healthy nutrition. If you have organic products to offer to your community (HikaShop), you may as well build an attractive online presence for your business such a Veggie Farm. Template we made it allows you easy to sell or just only promote organic food online (K2 blog)

25 Aug
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Wordpress was created strictly as a blog platform, on the other hand, Joomla from its beginning was a full feature CMS. These are the main reasons for the differences between those two content management systems. WordPress comes equipped with several features built into Core, one of them is comment system. Although Joomla! 3.3 (3.4) don't have in-build comments, and probably even in future version 3.5 will don't get it, you have possibility to install & use them in a simple and fast way. And probably you have even more possibilities how they should work for you.

19 Aug
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onepage layout design - joomla 3 template

We are pleased to inform you that our OnePage template for Joomla has been updated to new version which has new features and improvements. As you might know One page design mostly instead of directing users to multiple pages with segmented content, a single page site simply “jumps” to the specific content a user requests from menu. Visitors can scroll down the page to view and read whole content. One-page design can quickly informs your clients of the info they need to know, no long description is necessary in this case.

12 Aug
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You are the owner of night or music club, maybe you are popular DJ or just planning festival, convention or other party and you would like to show your entire event offer and introduce them to everyone. You need a WordPress Theme to make your website become more attractive and impressive. The Vocal theme developed by our team is what you need, beautiful, feature-rich, easy-to-use, and adaptive.

11 Aug
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K2 is probably the most popular and awarded content extension for Joomla! with CCK-like features. We also uses it in most of our Joomla templates. JoomlaWorks developer team some time ago decided to make important changes also to make more compatible with new Joomla 3.x environment. From about three weeks beta of 3th version is available for testers but it is NOT recommended for production websites.

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