Joomla Module

It allows you select and insert any module from Joomla, not only core modules but also others installed before.

Ajax Contact Form

it allows you to insert a simple Ajax contact form protected with math captcha.

Animated Number

It allows you to insert an animated number to animate when page scroll.

Block Number

This addon allows you to add eye catching block numbers, ideal solution to points strong features.


It allows you to Insert Bootstrap CSS Button with predefined styles and custom URL.

Call to Action

Grab attention of yours visitors for an offer or service using a Call to Action button.

Carousel Pro

Horizontal carousel slider with advanced features for all business, portfolio or any website template.


It allows you to add separator line which may divide area into two parts.

Empty Space

Simple addon which allows you to control of space between objects, it can be used to insert spacing with defined height.

Facebook Likebox

This addon allows you to show Facebook likebox block with posts from the fanpage timeline.

Flickr Gallery

Creating a photo gallery from Flickr stream never was so easy. With only few clicks you can publish your photo collection on your site.

Google Map

The easiest to use Google maps, a simple and intuitive addon which allows you to insert Google Map Block with marker.


It allows you to use icons from big 519+ collection of Font Awesome Icons. Which gives you scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized.

Image Content

Simple addon which allows you to add any image (JPG, PNG, animated GIF) with description content block.


Use this addon to create a team members section, insert a person block with image and social icons.

Pricing Table

This smart addon allows you to generate pricing table for any products or services which you are offering on your site. Useful for company website.


Very universal and flexible addon, which allows you to create areas that contain custom HTML code. This useful option allows you to integrate outside functionality.


This addon allows you to add unlimited number of tabs with custom content and icon to your page.

Testimonial Pro

This advanced addons allows you to add clients testimonial reviews slider to show to your visitors, it can increase trust to your site.

Twitter Feed

A simple addon which lets you add your latest tweets in just a few clicks on your website.


An addon Which allows you to insert video clip from popular Vimeo or YouTube resource, just insert URL.


It allows you to insert accordion to expand & collapse content very useful when you think about FAQ section.


This addon provide simple yet fully customizable notifications box with closing button.


This addon allows you to insert simple HTML5 music player where you can play audio files.


It allows you to insert a quote block, great solution when you want to present wise thoughts.

Button Group

It allows you to Insert a set of Bootstrap CSS Buttons with predefined styles.


Add responsive carousel image slider, you can add title, short description & button with link.


This simple addon allows you to display images with custom links, it can be used to show clients or expert’s preview .


Its insert magazine style drop cap block, where the first letter of the first word of the first paragraph that is a much larger font.

Facebook Like

This is a social plugin that enables Facebook Page owners to attract and gain Likes from their own website by inserting facebook like button.

Feature Box

Perfect addon for company website where you want to feature your offer advantages, using create customizable feature boxes.


Simple gallery addon to create set of latest photos and activities – images are added one by one, separate thumbnail and big image option.

Google Plus

It help you improve social media area, it allows you to add Google+ button and let visitors share your page on their Google accounts.


Simple addon which allows you to insert image with URL and few others settings options.

Modal Popup

This addons allows you to add modal Popup window with Video, Image or Content dialog inside, ideal solution to show promotion.

Pie Progress

Is a addon that makes use of SVG to draw an animated pie chart-like circular progress bar with percentage and text label display. Great to show your skills.

Progress Bar

It allows you to add animated progress Bar to show total project progress or your skills in each category, very useful for portfolio website.


This addon add support for Soundcloud from where you can play single track or use player for entire album, just insert code.


It allows you to add simple customer testimonials block with reviews or famous people quotes.

Text Block

It allows you to add simple customer testimonials block with reviews or famous people quotes.

Twitter Share

It can help you to promote your website in social media by allowing your visitors share page and connect on Twitter.