The screenshot below highlights the module positions available in “EXPRESS” template.

In this documentation we will go through the following steps:

i] Home page setup of EXPRESS

ii] Portfolio page setup of EXPRESS

iii] About Us page setup of EXPRESS

iv] Blog page setup of EXPRESS

v] Event page setup of EXPRESS

vi] Contact Us page setup of EXPRESS


Front Page Setup of EXPRESS

The following screenshot is the detail view of EXPRESS Front Page.

Slide show:

One of the key features of the EXPRESS template is the slideshow that you see on the front page. This is actually a module position in the template called "Slides". Slide Show SP2 Module Parameter Settings are described here. You can see the settings of width and height for this slideshow in the screenshot below.

For image and text you must have a category. At least 3 Articles with images have to publish under this category The Image width and height must be 1160px and 510px. Then select actual category from Data Source option .

Layout must be Elegant from Slideshow Options.

Click No from Navigation Options> Show Arrows

Details option is:

Custom HTML :

All these are featured by Custom HTML module.



Detail and Basic option setting is:

Desired output text have to be given here.


Affiliate :

This is also featured by Custom HTML module. Custom Output setting is:

Who we are ? & Why chose us?

These are featured by Custom HTML.

Recent Events :

This is featured by News Show SP2 module, Details setting is:

Specific category have been selected as data source.

Here Article columns is 1 and article rows is 2 .


Our Recent Client:

News Show SP2 provides this feature. Select Specific category as data source.

Our Client Says:

This is also featured by News Show SP2 Module.


NewsLetter :

Custom HTML module provides this.Desired output have to be put here.

Blog :

News Show SP2 module provides this.Data Source setting is:

Photos :

Simple Image Gallery Module provides this.Images of 100 px width and 55 px height have to be put at the image directory.

Tweets :

Sp Tweet module provides this.Details setting is :

Twitter ID have to be put at Show twitter ID field from basic options.

Get in Touch:

Custom HTML module provides this.Custom Output setting is:

Who's Online :

Who's Online module gives this outcome.Setting for this module is :



At this page portfolio images are shown.Image Directory is /express/images/stories/demo/portfolio/....

Articles of portfolio category are shown after clicking on images.


About Us


About Us :

This is the About Us article published at About Us page.


Important Info and What we did?:

Custom HTML module provide these feature.



Blog Items:

These are articles added at k2 content blog category.


Using SP Simple Youtube Module this video is appearing.

Simple steps of getting video is:

1] Put id number at Youtube video field.

2] Put Height and Width .


Comments & TAG :

Sp Tab is showing these Comments and Tag feature together in tab format.

From Basic options "Comments" and "Tag" have been selected.

Here k2 comments features Comments and k2 Tools feature Tag.

Events Page Setup


Articles added in Events Category are shown here.



This feature is provided bySP-Facebook” Module. Simple Setting is:

1]Create Module of “SP-Facebook” type.

2] Put “Facebook Page” as title and Position.

and fix up other settings like:

Basic Options.Activity feed option etc.

Contact Us Page Setup

Map :

Sp Simple Map module provides this feature.Details setting is:

Enter the geographical position of your office at Basic option settings.

Contact and Contact Form: :

Contact Manager provides this.Go to Components ->Contact manager and put your contact details.

Setting for Contact form is: