SP Weather is a Joomla Module to display Weather Information into your website.Using Yahoo Weather API this module show weather info of the current day and forcast 5 days weather info of a city.

Parameter Settings:

This is basic setting scene of the module.Publish the module at a desired place with specific title.

Basic Options:

There are different typs of options at the basic options.Here City is "Newyork" and temparature unit is "Celcius" have been selected.

How many day's forecast we want? 1/2/3/4/5 day ,select the desired.

Now using these settings the published module is looked like:

There is 2 different Layout.Now we can use List layout.

Using List layout we get the following:

You can give Another name/Local name of the City.To do this at "Translated location" field desired name have to put.

Using "Translated location" option we get the following for weather info of Newyork.