Helix Framework version 2.0.0 (Alpha) released

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We are very much excited to announe that Helix Framework version 2.0.0 (Alpha) has been released. Please keep that in mind that this version will not work with Helix 1.x series. As we mentioned earliar that this is an Aplha version, so it not recommened to use in production site. This release is only for testing and exploring its features.

In this post we will show you some cool features of latest Helix Framewok. 

More Details Live Demo

Here are some screenshots of Helix - II admin panel.


Layout Builder is one of the unique features introduced in Helix – II which allows anyone to customize the existing theme in any shape or dimensions without having any programming language!



Advanced options like css and javascript compressions are also available and google analytics option is in built.



There are lots of options to control your whole website from the admin of your template manager. Option to change logo type, image, height, width as well as the option to disable logo. Option to select layout type as responsive or fixed width. Also there are many more options like copyright text, enable or disable several options like joomla credit link and goto top link.



Here is the settings for menu options of Helix Framework.



You have full control over your webfonts. You can add your desire font from the webfonts directory.


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