If you didn’t know, we’re a Joomla template-focused company. This means we pay attention to what our customers’ needs through all the feedback we can possibly collect, evaluate what those reviews mean, have conversations with our customers and change course as needed. This enables us to be as efficient with our resources as possible. As our customer, you ultimately benefit as we attempt to make sure we’re spending as much time as we can developing the products, helpful content, and support you need. Also to help increase performance for website's which You are planning to build in future we'd developed  a new component: SP Page Builder.

We are going to release Beta and RC version this month, so soon you will very good and nuanced extension for you Joomla 3.3+. Because it will be added to each template immediately it will increase the general value and functionality of the final product, you will receive. Also that's why we decided to increase club subscriptions charges.

The reason for the price increase: 

  • We made a price reduction for all membership  in April this year.
  • We now support a portfolio of 64 templates for Joomla, Helix II Framework and 38 Free Joomla Extensions (include SP Page Builder standard free version).
  • Inside each of new QuickStart package you will get the PRO version of SP Page Builder.
  • All subscription plans above Personal will get access to standalone SP Page Builder.

About changes in subscription plans for new users (future changes):

  Personal     Business     Developer
 $59 $99  $299
 1 domain*  3 domains* Unlimited domains**
3 Months Updates 6 Months Updates 1 Year Updates
 SP Page Builder Pro
only in QuickStart
 SP Page Builder Pro
only in QuickStart
Standalone version
of SP Page Builder Pro

* You can download all our templates and install one on main domain, and as many you want on sub-domains of main domain.
It means that you can use more just 1 or 3 if you want to create product page, blog page or shop under main domain.  
** You can install our extensions (templates, modules and component) on as many sites as you want (unlimited domains).

As you might see there is no more MAX (LifeTime) subscription plan, yes, we are going to discontinue this plan.

Important note: Your active membership period will remain the same finish time as you bought. If your club membership will end, and then decide to re-activate it at a later stage you will be charged the new, higher fee upon re-activation. Of course will still have discount for renew users.

We are planning to make such a changes from September 25. So please hurry and buy membership now still on "old" rules.

Some news about near future plans about SP Page Builder:

  • There will be available two versions: Basic - free to download for all Joomla users, and PRO with 50 add-ons offered as a commercial component but also included for almost all JoomShaper membership and inside Template QuickStart.
  • Price $39 - 1 domain license with 6 months updates and support.
  • Price $69 - 1 domain license for templates developers with 1 year support and updates and access to beta versions.

Our new price point does mean you can expect better quality & fetaures from our templates in next months. We’re also hard at work on our new Helix III Framework, new themes and a couple of other new addons and module changes we know you’re going to love. More on that later.