How to rename template

How to rename JoomShaper template name and folder name


Since Joomla 1.5 there have been big changes in the Joomla! Template Manager. Right now in Joomla 3.x you cannot simply rename a template folder by using FTP to change its name, because information regarding the name are stored in different locations. This is because the Joomla! template is treated as an extension, so some information is in the database as well as in the files and language file name.

template name

Rename before installation

There are a few solutions which may help you in this case, but here we will show you the simplest method, using a new JoomShaper template package that has just been downloaded from our download section. Please follow those steps:

    1. Rename the zip filename, example from "" to "".
    2. From package extract (unzip) templateDetails.xml file - to edit the xml file use your favorite text editor (Notepadd++ or other similar). Then rename template name inside.
      to (for example):
    3. Also in templateDetails.xml you can change description of template.


4. Rename the language file name according to new template name, for example, from:

<language tag="en-GB">en-GB.tpl_shaper_onepage.ini</language>


<language tag="en-GB">en-GB.tpl_new.ini</language>

5. Save changes, and then copy inside template package changed templateDetails.xm file.

6. Unzip from template package language file,  rename the language file according to new name, for example, en-GB.tpl_new.ini and copy into template zip (repack). And of course you can delete language file with old name, you don't need it anymore.
7. Install this template as a new template and set as default. Don't worry it would be independent from orginal one even if you used QuickStart before.

Remember that renamed template may not have all settings from quickstart so you have to set them manually as they were/are in "old" one looking at them. So if you are using QS uninstall old template after you will rewrite all settings.

Note: If you want change template name after installation is request changes not only in files but also in database.