Using Template Features

The eye catching features of Helix V2 Framework based template administration interface comes to you with options for configuring the main features for the template. As you have dropped in, having a quick glance at the following configuration options will be worth it:

Layout Control

Website can be viewed different devices and varieties of screens. On the basic section layout width can control by layout options. Layout width can be 1170px or 940px also choose your website layout type- fixed or responsive.


Logo Type

The Logo feature controls the output of the template's main logo. You can set the logo type as image or text type or none. Logo can be set in different positions.  You can also set the logo width and height. You can also specify the logo title and logo slogan, if you select logo type as text.


Footer Settings

By default Footer section of this layout has 2 columns. First column is footer1 and contain span 8 and the other column footer2 contain span 4. You can customize as you need by yourself. You can select the position where footer section will be published. Other options are Copyright- from this option you can enable/disable the display of the copyright text and input custom copyright text to be displayed, Helix V2 Logo and Joomla credits. The Copyright feature is there to control the output of the copyright text which ensures that your website’s copyright is not claimed by anyone else out of the blue.

Brand Info

We are proud of our Helix V2 framework and it has a deep meaning for us. You can show a credit info of Joomshaper also HTML & CSS validation link.


Go to Top

You can select Go To Top feature controls the output of a link/button which, when clicked, will smoothly scroll the page back to the top. From this option you can enable/disable the display of the to top button.