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Helix Ultimate 1.1.x

Updated Last: 25 March 2022

Advanced Settings

This section of Helix Ultimate settings allows you to reduce size of loaded template files. By speeding up template, you offer a better experience for your customers, improve your page speed (and Google search engine ranking).

 advanced settings

Compress CSS Files

Enable this option to compress and combine all CSS files to increase website performance by reducing loading time. Note: Do not enable this option in a development period.

Compress JavaScript Files

Enable this option to optimize JavaScript is to improve your site performance by compress all JavaScript files into one - so that the total size and number of requests will be decreased. Note: Do not enable this option in a development period. In some cases enabling this option can damage some animation effects. In that case, you have to Exclude Javascript Files. In next field you have to enter the names of javascript files separated by a comma that you don't want to compress. e.g., jquery.min.js, main.js.

Compile SCSS to CSS

Enable this option will compress all SCSS files during each load of your website if the SCSS file has been changed or edited. Turn off this option if your site is in production mode.

SCSS (Sassy Cascading Style Sheets) is fully compatible with the syntax of CSS, while still supporting the full power of Sass. This means that every valid CSS stylesheet is a valid SCSS file with the same meaning.

Export & Import

This feature is useful only if you want to transfer basic template settings between templates, for example, Font selection, Layout settings, Color Preset etc. It can not be used for transfer demo data like articles, nor module content.

How to Export settings and Import to a new template?

If you make any changes to your Helix Ultimate based template, you can use the same settings (styling) on any other Helix Ultimate based templates. You can achieve this very simply just by exporting the settings from your current template and importing the exported (JSON) file to the new template. Follow the steps below to complete this task:

Navigate to Extensions > Templates > Styles. Then click on the Helix Ultimate based template.

Click “Template Options” this will open up the styling settings.

Then browse to and find the “Import & Export” section.

Click “Export Settings”, this will let you save a JSON file which will be used later.

Open the downloaded JSON file in a code editor.

Copy the entire JSON code.

Open the new template where you want to reuse the settings.

Navigate to “Export & Import” section by going to /Extensions > Templates > Styles > select template > Template Options > browse to Advanced > “Import & Export”.

Paste the code you copied earlier in the text box. 

Click “Import Settings” and confirm your action by clicking “OK” on the popup.

This will replace the current template style with the newly imported setting.