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Helix Ultimate 1.1.x

Updated Last: 25 March 2022


There you can find general settings for MegaMenu. Mega Menu is an easy to use menu tool for creating beautiful, customized menus for your site, also with modules inside.  From here you have access to 4 options, more advanced settings are "hidden" in Menu Manager inside each menu item.


It allows you to choose the menu from available in your Joomla. in each template, by default, you can choose only one menu used for MegaMenu.

By default, there are enabled two separate menus: Mega Menu and Off-Canvas Menu [=] - sometimes called Hamburger Menu, because of used shape. In desktop view, you can use both or only MegaMenu.

How to disable OffCanvas Menu in desktop
It pretty easy to disable Off-Canvas menu from desktop view only (!). Just select "Mega Menu" only.

Dropdown Menu Width value would be to set it to the width of your submenu size content area. By default 240px.

MegaMenu offers several transition options for your dropdown submenus:

  • No Animation
  • Fade
  • Zoom
  • Fade In Up
  • Elastic
  • Slide Down
  • Drop In
  • Twist  

This is the transition that occurs when the submenu is opened. To have the sub-menu appear with no fancy effect, set to None (No Animation).

Off-Canvas / Mobile Menu

Off-Canvas [=] is indeed an external menu module, built-in in Helix Ultimate framework. It's used in Mobile and Tablets view mostly.

Follow those basic steps to use it:

  1. In Module Manager add new "MENU" module.
  2. Select Menu from the list which should be used.
    It doesn't have to be "Main Menu" every time, you can use different menu for mobile/tablet purpose only.
  3. Select "offcanvas" module position for it.
  4. Set Menu Assignment > Module Assignment : On all pages (suggested)
  5. Set Status: Published

helix3 mobile menu

How to get more than one Mobile Menu

You can use more than one [=] mobile menu published in OffCanvas position:

  1. Just add a new "Menu" module.
  2. Select different Menu from the list.
  3. Set Position "offcanvas"
  4. Select the order of module, probably you need below added before.
  5. Disable Title
  6. Select the specific Menu assignments - probably to all Menu items.
  7. Then publish the module.