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Helix Ultimate 1.1.x

Updated Last: 25 March 2022

Translation of settings

JoomShaper only produces the English language file (en-GB.tpl_shaper_helixultimate.ini) for Helix Ultimate. All other languages were made by (thanks to) Joomla community:

We agree that translation is a crucial part of the website-localization process, and may also help your customer to understand how Helix Ultimate template works (admin panel) and front-end phrases. Helix, like any other template, includes .ini file which contains all of the English terms we used. Don't worry, you should translate only single file:


Translate all or selected strings (used on front-end) to your language and save them with native language prefix. Each translated string must always be enclosed by double quotes.

Then, you need to change the filename
from: en-GB.tpl_shaper_helixultimate.ini
to: xx-XX.tpl_shaper_helixultimate.ini

Where xx-XX is a LANG-PREFIX, for example, es-ES – for Spanish (Español), nl-NL – for Dutch etc.

File (.ini) must be saved as UTF-8 without BOM encoding. Once the phrases inside the file are translated, you can copy your language file into your language directory using an FTP client.


That's all.