How to transfer template settings

Transfering Helix3 settings

In this guide we will show you how to transfer (copy) Joomla template settings (also based on Helix3 framework) from one website to another. Do not worry, this is quite easy process but request several minutes and using a additional tool. We will show you all steps, which you should follow:

  1. On second (desitation) site install Joomla template (this same like you have on first site), of course with default settings.
  2. On server where you have both sites (A & B) open tool named PHPMyAdmin, it should be in your Hosting panel. If you cannot find it ask support. But you can use also standalone php script named Adminer (formerly phpMinAdmin) which is a full-featured MySQL management tool written in PHP. Conversely to phpMyAdmin, it consist of a single file ready to deploy to the target server.
  3. Open both databases in that tools on which you have installed your Joomla sites.
  4. Find table named: PREFIX_template_styles and click "Select" to browse content.
  5. On the list find your Helix3 template name and click on "edit" link.

helix3 template settings

6. Select and copy whole area from "params" field (see above image), scroll window if you have to.

7. Open in edit mode this same table on second ("B") database and paste whole settings code.

8. Then click "Save" to keep new changes (modifications).

9. Next in template settings "Basic" tab check if  logos have assigned this same path for logo images. If not, you have to correct only this part.

10. If in your first template you made manually some changes in core files like in: templateDetails.xml  - which might be possible. Using FTP client tool you have to copy them into second (B) server as well.

Now you can use both sites with exacily this same template settings inside them. But it doesn't mean this same modules or content of course. That's all.

Import & export

New version of Helix3 v1.2+ allow you to use new feature: Export &b Import settings. Since  that moment you do not have to use PHPMyAdmin or similar tool to copy-clone template settings from site A to site B. We implement a new transfer feature. On first site you have to export json file, then open it in text editor, copy whole content and paste on second site in export textarea field.