SP Comments

SP Comments is a free Social Media Comments plugin for Joomla 3+, it uses popular comment engines like Disqus, IntenseDebate and Facebook. Light weight and very simple to use. Those are main benefits of using it.


Plugin request Joomla 3.x in order to operate. Old version can also work with Joomla 2.5.  Because of security reasons ensure you are using the latest version of CMS. The latest stable version of extension can be downloaded from here:

The package you will download contains everything to get SP Comment up and running. It does not need to be uncompressed. Once you have downloaded the package, go into the Joomla Administrator and:

From Joomla back-end:

  • Select from the top menu: Extensions -> Extension Manager -> Install
  • Click on Upload Package File Choose File button
  • Select the that you just downloaded from your local drive.
  • Click the Upload & Install button.


You can access the main configuration page for SP Comments by navigating to Administrator -> Extensions -> Plugin Manager -> Content - SP Comments. The Main tab of this page gives you the ability to set all available options.

Comment System: Choose which platform you wish to use for commenting. You can use only one system per whole site.

Show Comment Count: Show the number of comments per article.

Categories Selections: Chose which article categories and/or K2 categories you wish to load & use comments for.

Facebook Comments

In order to use FB comments you need to first Sign Up as a Facebook developer ( - using your Facebook username and password. Then click the "Create New App" button. Enter a name for the application in the "App Name" field. Enter your domain name in the "App Domains" field. After you complete the form to register your application Your App ID will be visible, but your App Secret will be obfuscated. To reveal your App Secret, simply click the “Show” button. Be sure to copy down the App ID and App Secret – you’ll need to enter these settings to use the plugin.



In order to use Disqus comments you need to first Sign Up at Then you need to click the + Add button in the Your Sites sidebar section. Fill in the form with the information your site. The shortname is important as this is the unique identifier you will use when configuring SP Comments. Disqus developer mode is for test comments on local testing sites only.



To setup SP Comments to use IntenseDebate, you first have to sign up at to get idcomments_acct which must be used in IntenseDebate Account input field.