SP Flickr Album Gallery

This is module for Joomla 3.4+ and allows you to easily incorporate your Flickr photos into your website. It shows thumbnail view of all images from selected album. You can use your own Flickr API and Flickr Album ID to publish Flickr Albums on your blog/website.

If your SP Flickr Album Gallery module has been loaded successfully,  now we can start making album gallery for your blog or other web project.

How to use a module

Follow those steps:

  • Give the Gallery module a Title
  • Enter You Flickr API Key. If you don’t know how do get my own Flickr API Key? Then make sure you are already logged into your Flickr account before going to click on that link: ....and there is also second way, use this online tool:
  • Enter You Flickr Album ID. If you don’t know how do get my own Flickr Album ID?  After login Flickr will redirect you to Home Photostream Page, select the Albums menu link to go you photo album page. Check the Browser URL to get your Album ID. Those are only numbers in last section of url, without "/" etc.
  • Choose a module position.
  • Assign into selected menu items.
  • Choose Publish option and then Save button to prepare your Flickr album.

FAQ (common questions)

Q: I have activated the plugin, but gallery doesn't load.

A: Make sure your Flickr API key and Flickr Gallery ID are correct.

Q: How to customize the CSS?

A:  Check : mod_sp_flickrgallery\assets\css\sp-flickr-gallery.css to see existing classes and properties for gallery which you can redefine.