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SP Page Builder (Pro)

Updated Last: 18 May 2018


SP Page Builder is a most flexible Drag & Drop page builder For Joomla 3.x. You can create any layout you want, instead of template that lock you into pre-created layouts. It can be used for constructing unique-looking Pages. It can be used wit any template, free or commercial. It allows you to easily add created page(s) in menu and display with useful and cool effects inside. Whether you’re a beginner, web designer or developer building commercial sites for clients or a business owner managing and maintaining your own website. SP Builder’s flexibility and functionality means one thing: web content design made easy.  Take full control over your Joomla! 3.6+ site with our page builder extension. You can start from Free version, then if you like it, take a step further and use more advanced Pro version.

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This extension was especially designed to help you to make your site more informative and attract attention of your visitors to internal elements. And what is more important is working no matter what Joomla! template they are using.

We hope that this guide helps you discover of features the most suitable component for your next or current project.