SP Soccer


SP Soccer component allows you to create and manage your own league with tournaments and seasons inside. Players, teams, venues, positions management and much more included! Component can be used as a complete single league (football or any other sport) or multiple leagues platform supporting almost any kind of Sport team or championship. In general it was designed for Football (Soccer), but we belive it can be used also for Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Rugby, Softball, Hockey, Ping-Pong and Futsal.

Right now only Soccer Quickstart include all parts of this extenstions: component, modules and addons. If you downloaded only component, you have main core but without addcional features.


SP Soccer is typical Joomla 3.4+ extenstion which can be installed from back-end. It can be inslaled on online website as much as on localhost.
Note! If you're using Soccer quickstart you do not have to install that extenstion, it's included inside package.

  1. Download the extension to your computer/tablet as a zip file package.
  2. From the backend of your Joomla site (administration) select Extensions -> Install/Uninstall.
  3. Click the Browse button and select the extension package on your harddrive/memory.
  4. Click the Upload File & Install button.

How to Set Up (Proper Order)

A few simple steps are required in order to use Soccer (sport) extenstion on front-end of Joomla. Once you have installed SP Soccer by JoomShaper, go to Components > SP Soccer and under the left panel you will find all sections. If you are a beginner, and you want to use component in correct order, like we do, then please follow along the steps carefully. Remember, almost each section must have at least one item inside.



Sport tournaments is a series of contests between a number of competitors, who compete for an overall prize. If you component doen't have any content, you should start from this section. In this section you can create and edit Tournaments for the teams and groups. Tournaments are used as categories for the seasons.


In this area you will find several fields:

  • Tournament Title,
  • image logo,
  • year,
  • region,
  • description.


If you have a Group tournament in that section you can create groups and attached teams. In this section you will find those fields:

  • Group name,
  • ournament category,
  • Team list (select one or more),
  • Group description,
  • Point table (check image below, it's from admin area)


In this section you can create and edit Sessions, with following fields: name, tournament category and description.



In this section you can create and edit matches with all necessery information fields (teams, session, vanue, date and result). Check following admin panel, with both settings tabs.

Team / Club

In this section you can create and edit Teams. (fields: name, type, logo, city, description, profile and social networks)


In this section you can edit and add custom position names on the field of play according to your sport.

For example in Football/Soccer has many different positions and many different names that come along with them. Each player position has his own very specific task, from defending against opponent attacks to scoring. In the football, each of the 11 players on a team is assigned to a particular position on the field of play. A team is made up of one goalkeeper and ten outfield players who fill various defensive, midfield and attacking positions depending on the formation deployed. These positions describe both the player's main role and their area of operation on the pitch.

List of Players / Persons

(fields: Name, Team/Club, Avatar, Player position, type, profile, career, social networks)


In football sense, the word simply means the place where a game will be played, it can be a stadium. In this section you can edit and add new venues using following fields: location name, description , photo gallery, and location map.



This section allows you to create a polls from seleted fields, which can be used as a modules on front-end. In Poll Options tab - you will find basic settings for this section.

Soccer Modules

Inside Soccer Quickstart Package you will find 3 modules:

  • Soccer Poll
  • SP Club Rankings
  • SP Recent Result

Note that SP Soccer component must be installed before, without component they will not work properly on front-end.
To display the module in front-page, you must publish (enable) it and set right position for the module. You have to assign the modules to specific menus so that the module will be displayed in the assigned menus.