Setting up columns

How to use Multi columns in the Mega Menu

Using a megamenu enables you to show your web site visitor many related navigation options in just one click. One of the features of the megamenu is the ability to create multiple columns in the dropdown menu.

Mega Menu 3 columns

We are highly privileged to present to you the Features menu item structure. Take a closer look at the menu structure on the left side and the front end view on the right side; it gives you options to edit some more menu parameters:


The columns, as marked, give options for changing Explore menu item parameters to show up its child menu items in the frontend properly. You can customize it by clicking this menu:


  • Step 1 - click the "Helix Mega Menu Options" tab to edit the megamenu parameters
  • Step 2 - set the column number at 3, it applies to each menu item: Features, Menu Showcase and Custom HTML
  • Step 3 – customize the width for the entire child content area
  • Step 4 – customize the width for each column to make it look more appealing
  • Click the Save button, go to frontend, refresh the page and see the changes