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SP Page Builder (Pro) 3.x

Updated Last: 26 May 2023

sh404SEF configuration for SP Page Builder

SP PageBuilder Pro should work very well with sh404SEF (Weeblr). However, one specific feature of SPPageBuilder may not operate normally: the Preview and Edit links and buttons found in SPPageBuilder backend. When such links are created from the backend, they will produce incorrect links when sh404SEF operates with default settings.

That's why the recommended configuration is:

  1. Use the new, updated sh404SEF version.
  2. In sh404SEF Configuration - General - By component, configure SPPageBuilder as follows (Use Joomla router | Use router.php, with menu items | Disable shURL)

3. If you have already operated SPPageBuilder Pro prior to selecting this configuration, you should also delete all the SPPageBuilder URLs found under the SEF URL manager in sh404SEF backend, so that new ones are created again.

4. Turn Off sh404SEF and save and turn it on again.
4. Clear Joomla Cache.
5. Visit all pages (created by SP Page Builder) so they appear again in sh404sef > SEF URLs.
6. Then try the Preview and Front-end editor buttons.
7. Now everything should be fixed.