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SP Page Builder (Pro) 3.x

Updated Last: 14 September 2020

SP Page Builder inside Articles

SP Page Builder Pro allows you to use Page Builder mode also inside Joomla articles (and k2 items).

How to enable Article integration

To get the option to switch between the Joomla  editor (TinyMCE) and the Page Builder you have to:

  1. From the "Integration" tab select the "Install" button in the Joomla Article box.
  2. Then click the "Enable" button.
  3. Till now you should be able to see and use editor mode switcher in all Articles.
    For each article separately choose used editor mode. Keep the chosen option during Save & Close.
  4. Intro text must be added in Classic mode, SPPB cannot be used for this.
    SPPB mode can be used only for a single detail article view. It cannot be used for categories!

Notice! Content of SPPB addons from articles is stored in SPPB tables, not inside the article content table (MySQL).

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