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Luiting Steve

SP Page Builder 3 months ago

I like getting thse Layouts but what I really want are functional assets. I take them from Layouts but have to search for them. For instance and example would be a "round" graphic that is actually text in a circle that stays next to something like text. I imagine a "New" or "Click Here" addon that I drag and drop and it just works. The addon has mobile, tablet and computer screen versions already built in. Stuff like that. A popup that has good scrollbars. I had to use anotehr plugin in order to make my popups work for mobile.

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Ofi Khan
Ofi Khan
Accepted Answer
Support Agent 3 months ago

Hello Luiting Steve

Sorry, I do not properly get your question. Please explain it more. Share a screenshot of your issue to understand it better. Take a screenshot and share via any platform. For example: Lightshot or Imgur

Automatic popup is not available. We have Modal Popup addon instead of it.

Best regards