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SP Page Builder Panel Disappeared - Wimble Template


Dennis Mei

SP Page Builder 3 years ago

I use SP Page Builder to edit Portfolio in Wimble template.

Often when I click the text block in the page, the Editor Panel on the left will disappear.

I can only close ans leave the window without change.


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Paul Frankowski
Paul Frankowski
Accepted Answer
Senior Staff 3 years ago #232


  1. SP Page Builder Pro support only two text editors: TinyMCE (default) and JCE Pro/Core last version 2.9.x make sure that you are using them.

  2. In some templates Text addon was overriden with old code, so please tell me template name. And check if you have this folder: templates\THEME-NAME\sppagebuilder\addons\text_block .... if yes delete it!

  3. Update SPPB Pro to last version 3.7.8 !