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A Free Ticket for Joomla World Conference 2017, Rome, Italy

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Hey Guys,

We are giving away a ticket for the Joomla World Conference 2017, Rome Italy. If any of the JoomShaper users staying in Rome/Italy feel interested in joining the event, please contact us.

We will give a single $430 ticket absolutely for free to only one person. You will be able to attend the whole 3-day conference including a pre-party.

***Just make sure that you are conversant in both Italian and English languages. You also need to be with us at our stall during the conference time.

Thank You

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More than a month ago #Permalink

a bit off topic, but since this is about Joomla in general, it may be an opportunity to ask this question.

I looked at the website but I did not find an appropriate place to post a few suggestions for the next releases of the great Joomla CMS to the developers.

I got the impression that you play a major role in the development so we would greatly appreciate if you considered to redirect our info to the right people.

The suggestions of my team are all regarding features that would have a noticeable affect on our daily productivity:

1. Settings

There is no option for showing „All“ in general list view settings for backend and frontend. The maximum is 500 although when opening the article, modules or plugin pages etc. this option can be selected. I would be great to have this as a default option.

2. Backend „Remember Me“

Especially during the development phase it would make things a lot simpler to be able to open the admin pages without having to login each time. I understand the security issues. But especially when during development we are working on local Joomla installations this would be very useful. As long as it’s an option in the settings and not a default the developers could decide.

3. Remember the session settings of individual backend users

It would also smoothen out the workflow if Joomla could remember wether each user sorted the views of articles, modules, plugins or the list views within components etc. by name, id, or last modification date and so on. So one could continue to the state of backend settings where they left of the last time they where logged in.

4. Option to disable the „checked out“ functionality

When one team member does not lock out properly of a content item, menu item, module etc. another user can’t work on that item before he get’s hold of the previous editor and lets him unlock the item, so that the little padlock symbol disappears. While I understand the reason for this function it has caused a lot of issues in our workflow several times. Please give us the option to turn this „checked out“ functionality of in the general settings.

5. Please get rid of backslash in URLs behind language code

Especially with the new URL options in Joomla 3.8 we got the option to have really nice and modern looking (and of course SEO friendly) URLs. Thanks for that. We don’t have to see file endings and backslashes at the end of URLs. With one exception: the default pages for each language on a multi language site. There, there is still a backslash. E.g.: . It would be great if we could get rid of these backslashes too so it would become: .

6. „Undo“, „redo“ and „save“ of content items based on AJAX

When we are working with Page Builder Pro each time we appreciate this feature. This is such a time saver. It saves time on every „save“ click while we edit content, since when saving the page it has not to be reloaded. It would be great to have this time saver for Joomla articles, but also modules, plugins and components etc. too.

The above mentioned functions have been topics for discussions as well in our team as with other developers too for some time now. We would all very much appreciate if you considered them.

Thanks and best wishes


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