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about the SPPB page width with left/right sidebar modules.

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I use Finance template quickstart package to build a website and I have to publish a sidebar menu in the left module position on all pages.

some pages are built by SPPB and others are driven by other components such like blog, form, dj-catalog2...etc.

in the helix3 layout manager, the main body row is composed by left, component, right columns.

I wonder why the page built by SPPB is not restricted by the component column width (if there is a left module published) and will push the module in left to the side border. please see the sccreenshot1.

but pages driven by other components such like blog, form, dj-catalog2...etc, the module is inside the page content width. just like the screenshot2.

is it possible to make the SPPB page width no full width but restricted in the component column of main body row, just like the other components do.
I mean that just like the screenshot3.

thank you.


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5 Answers

Sifat - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
Thanks for your query. Yes this issue is already in our todo list(which is quite long). Our developers will take care of that.

-Best Regards


More than a month ago #Permalink
Hi Sifat

We "suffer" from this issue, too. Any news from the developers regarding the sidebar activation in the blog layout?

Thank you



More than a month ago #Permalink
You can use a workaround, which ultimately allows you to do the same job without a template. SP PB only. In cases where you need a sidebar, simply use one common section for the entire page, properly separated. And internal sections for the content area.
It is even more convenient than layaut of template. In the sidebar, you can publish any modules using the Joomla module add-on.


More than a month ago #Permalink
okay, I see... thanks a lot for the inspiration, Pavel!

Sifat - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
Thank you pavel for the workaround.

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