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After updating SPPB to 3.6.2 the images from the article preview disappeared.

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In the home you can only see the text of the article, but before the text there was the photo as you can see by opening the article.

10 Answers

Paul Frankowski - Staff

3 weeks ago #Permalink
I didn't understand the choice to delete the html tags.

It was explained in blog post, to reduce users problems.
PHP help is beyond support
I told you to make addon override, I guess you didn't understand my first tip.
Put your modified or old (site.php) file here
(Yes, create missing folders)

so SPPB nor Helix update will not touch it

Paul Frankowski - Staff

3 weeks ago #Permalink
yes, it's because you added images code inside intro text, and the last update clean intro text from all HTML code.

You have two alternative ways to solve it quick:

1) Add intro images using tab "Helix Blog Options" inside those Articles
2) Override Article addon using older version of SPPB
From 3.6.1 or your website backup
take this folder with file
and copy here:
This folder does not exist:
templates shaper_helixultimate pagebuilder addons articles home.php

I copied the site.php file of version 3.6.1 into the folder:
components \ com_sppagebuilder \ addons
And now it works.

I noticed that from version 3.6.1 to 3.6.2 only part of the string changes 186:

whitout images
$ output. = '<div class = "sppb-article-introtext">'. mb_substr (strip_tags ($ item-> introtext), 0, $ intro_limit, 'UTF-8') .'... </div> ';

whit images
$ output. = '<div class = "sppb-article-introtext">'. mb_substr ($ item-> introtext, 0, $ intro_limit, 'UTF-8') .'... </div> ';

But in the future I will always be able to overwrite the file, or if the dispositions of the lines of code change, I am only looking for the line that interests me and adding "(strip_tags" and ";)" after introtext?

I didn't understand the choice to delete the html tags.
Perhaps it is better to dare possinility with a function of the addon.

Now with every update I have to hope to be able to modify the site.php file to have everything as before.

"(strip_tags" and ";)" after introtext?
Sorry, but the system insert a smile
"(strip_tags" and ) after introtext?
Many thanks!
Override created!
I've never had problems with broken introtext. So that's okay.

I just wonder in the future if ever other features of the file will change, then I won't see them, cause override.

Is it better to change the code each time?
That's not a problem for me.

Paul Frankowski - Staff

3 weeks ago #Permalink
we can consider to add option to add HTML filter on/off
Ok, many thanks!

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