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Articles Layout Add On Only On Different Template

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So this bugs me ... I have been a paying customer for several years and using right now a specific template for those several years. Id like to make some changes and a few months ago was told can't just upgrade to a newer template have to migrate everything over to new template... First that doesn't work well when you have some 400 articles and those being on social media that breaks things. So stuck with existing template unable to upgrade or make changes.... Not sure why I keep paying for updates here.

Second, I like the article's layout in a newer template .... but no that is specific for that template only. WTF, I pay for Page builder pro-business and have been for years. Addons should be available on all builds of Page Builder and not template specific. Now I have to go find an off brand layout for what I want because Page Builder Pro doesn't have it but it does in a different template.

I am disappointed, not sure if I will be renewing my support in a few months or not. Not that you guys care

4 Answers

Ofi Khan - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
Hello Brian,
Apology for your experiences. Each template is made on a specific category to serve a specific purpose. So, each has it's own styles and settings. For this reason, it is difficult and time-consuming to migrate an old site (lots of pages) to a new template.
Same things apply to template-specific addons. But you can copy addons from a template and use it to another. Please watch this tutorial to do this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXFd4RJVofA

Thank you for posting in the forum. If you need more help, please let us know.

- Best regards

Brian Baldwin

More than a month ago #Permalink
Paying $60 every few months and not getting additional add ons that are being templated specific - this is the layout of the article just is not feasible. We as paying people should be getting the same options for older similar templates. Just FYI as a long time paying customer who has posted several suggestions to always be told cant be done, your are about to lose one of those paying customers that I am sure is rare to find in this business age.

It is the same where we have to post an article image twice, once in the article as an image and then still have to go into Helix blog and add the image, this takes up space and I have been complaining about this for years. Takes up time and space to do.

I think I just need to migrate out. Thanks

Brian Baldwin

More than a month ago #Permalink
I spent over 8 hours today on my website working on updating its design. What I am saying here is your lack of ability to improve existing templates especially ones in the same category is lacking. I spend $60 every so months paying your business for updates, and sometimes its just the little things to keep us happy. I need a better way to display news on the front of my news website. I shouldn't have to go pay someone else to do it for me, when I already pay someone for the options they put into something else.

Ive asked time and time again for you guys to simplify adding images to the "main display image, and news headline" so that we do not have to do it twice and time and time again the update nor discussion is never there.

Yes I intend to end my support payments to your business at the end of my term, that will be money you will not be getting from me for your development time since I do not feel you want to make it so that we have updates for the products we use.

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