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Congrats joomshaper on what i believe is the greatest joomla framework to date!

I have been playing around with it a bit, and found a few things i would like to ask and/or mention.

1. In opera the google tracking id input box doesn't show in the template manager when you enable that function. Other browsers give no problem.
2. Same goes for the logo selector, the input box doesn't show in opera
3. Google webfonts. Are we supposed to use @import to use them, or is there another way to make them show up in the template manager?
4. Am i correct in assuming that mootools core is only needed for category blog/contact/login/registration and that the framework itself doesn't need it?
5. And a personal preference of mine. The menu on mobile shows with a pop up. Is it relatively easily to make it appear just as a dropdown (like in t3v3)?

(ps, if i would be rockettheme or yootheme i would get seriously worried:)))

Keep it up, and thanks in advance!

3 Answers

Emran Ahmed

More than a month ago #Permalink
#1, #2 we will look on this issue
#3 Just put google web font name in font name field like: FontName or Font+Name or Font Name
#4 mootools is not required for this framework
#5 we will try to adopt this feature on later release

thank you very much :)


More than a month ago #Permalink
Thanks Emran.

I just dll helix 2 for j3 and saw that 2 is solved in opera, but 1 isn't. (But opera isn't playing nice with a lot of joomla frameworks lately, and they will change to webkit soon, so i guess it will be solved then)

@3: That's too easy, much better than a select box with ridiculous amounts of fonts:)
@4: nice
@5: would be very nice again.

So now i have another.

The css class for intro image and full article image is pull left (from bs). I think this should have it's own class. Moreover, when you use the intro and full image option, the article class doesn't constrain the image within the article. With overflow hidden this is solved, but i don't know for sure if that is the way. Please see attached screenshot for what i am trying to describe:)

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Kawshar Ahmed - Senior Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
Ok, got the issue. We will add our own class within the intro and fulltext images.

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