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Awetive Layout and Icon Option Missing

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I am using the Awetive Template on Joomla 3.2.1

There is no Alternative Layout in the Advanced Section of SP Tabs to obtain the Awetive drop down selection, making it impossible to obtain the SP Tab layout used in the demo with Vertical Tabs.

Also there is no drop down option to obtain the icon selections (icon-camera, icon-time, icon cloud-upload, icon-desktop, icon-bullhorn) used in the demo or any other icons.

I can create the custom modules I wish to place in the tabs, but would like to choose an icon in a vertical display similar to the demo (I assume this is possible when the Awetive layout is available in the SP Tabs module).

What position is used in the demo for SP Tabs (I know I can place SP Tabs anywhere, just wanted to know where it was in the demo).

Please fix for me, admin access available on the site, just let me know where to send details.

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More than a month ago #Permalink
Hi Jakir,

I followed your steps but it does not completely solve my problem, I will add more detail.

I had installed the Awetive 1.0 template (live Joomla site with data so quickstart not possible) on my Joomla 3.2.1 site with Helix 2.1.4 and the individual modules, all downloaded from the Awetive template download area. I know I can install Awetive v 1.1 to fix the search problem but will do that later as it does not affect this issue.

The Awetive template and module files installed using this method do NOT always include the same core files as when the Quickstart method is used (they should) and creates the problem in this thread.

I could not do a Quickstart install on my live site so I downloaded and installed the Awetive Quickstart (currently Joomla 3.2) to my local WAMP and am now able to compare files between the demo site and my live site (installed by the individual template/modules/helix II method).

I can follow your step 2 to create the custom html modules from the demo and allocate them to custom position 'tabs' with page 'none', choosing them in the option selection part of SP Tab module and set the SP Tab position to 'content'.

I was also able to compare the Quickstart and my live site content of mod_sptab.xml in mydomain/modules/mod_sptab and the following extra code is in the Quickstart version:

field type="modulelayout" name="layout" description="JFIELD_ALT_MODULE_LAYOUT_DESC" label="JFIELD_ALT_LAYOUT_LABEL"

I added the line of code to mod_sptab.xml on my live site towards the bottom of the file in this fieldset area.

The change allowed the Alternative Layout option to appear in the Advanced section of the SP Tab module so that I could choose Awetive.

I then followed your step 1, going to the path "templates\shaper_awetive\html" and found the "mod_sptab " folder with the file awetive.php and checked if the content of this file were the same as the quickstart mod_sptab file in the same location and the content was the same.

You ask me to copy this folder and paste it "within your website template html folder", but it is already in the shaper_awetive template/html folder on my live site, so there is no need to copy it there, unless you want me to copy it somewhere else?

Please fix the problem, the template/modules install should work if the quickstart method works as the only difference is no joomla or sample data installed, but the file content of template/modules install is not the same for template/modules as quickstart.

I can provide access or check with Kowshar, he will have the details I sent him by PM on another problem with the Smart Slider.

Jakir hasan - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
You have to create those tab items by custom html module. Better you install awetive template with your local computer just for editing . I mean you just copy those tabs ( [icon name="icon-desktop"],[icon name="icon-time"]) and use in your main site. Sp tab module published in the "content" position Hope it will be helpful for you.....

For more details see the awetive template documentation


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