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Background image

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Hi JoomShaper,

How do i change the background to a image of my own choice?
and make it static, so it doesn't mowe then i scroll the page down?

Kind Regards
Jens Tiedgen

3 Answers


More than a month ago #Permalink
I think you should install firebug in your firefox browser, and then use css for your purpose

Jakir hasan - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
Actually which background do you want to change???

Feel free ask any question...........


More than a month ago #Permalink
I have a question about background as well, it's not a support question but I'd appreciate help on this:

Using News III, it allows me to add background module to my portal on position: attomicbottom-left user-bottom, I presume that is the only option.

Is there a possibility to make separate positions for background modules in the area left and right from the content area (picture 1), furthermore is it possible to make several vertical positions within the area left and right from the content (picture 2)?

I want to have these positions to assigned modules to them so I can put images/banners into them and link them to where I want to. This would be teriffic for selling advertising space and linking it to advertisers' websites. Right now all I can do is to put one background image behind the portal.

When I made my portal using News III, people said it has great functionalities and it looks great, but when I added an attractive background image people were amazed how the portal looks like. Now I want to go one step further and have possibility to put advertisement of several advertisers in the background (space left and right from the content) and link them to advertisers' websites, that is why I need several positions for background modules.

I hope Joomshaper team will have in mind to create several positions for background modules with their templates, most people today use widescreen monitors, the space left and right is exceptional for advertisement, to have the possibilities to put images/banners or anything else on several positions for background modules and link where a user wants it to would make Joomshaper templates one step ahead over templates from other companies.

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