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The header bug is getting tedious to withstand. Header text creeps into other blocks inadvertently and there seems to be no way to remove it without closing the editor and resuming from the latest save. Is there another way?

And I'm finding that styling features I expected, based on drop and drag interfaces I've used with other CMSs, are not present. I'm new here so I'm wondering, are there updates on the way that I will be able to install within my one year term? And, when it comes to creating drop shadows for blocks, or assigning a link to a div, or other simple CSS actions, is this going to be made possible?

5 Answers

Paul Frankowski - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
Sorry but I don't understand your first part of your ticket.
Since when SP Page Builder allows you to manage Template header?
Please add screenshot or record short video from "issue", thanks

Paul Frankowski - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
About Your expectations, on YouTube there are some videos how SPPB work. So with easy you could check before purchase. Also we offering LITE (free) version for everyone.

About drop and drag interface it's working for SP Page Builder Pro, you can move ROWS, Addons.
About box shadows - you can use it for Columns and single Addon.
About assigning a link to a div - I need more details from you.

Each CMS is different as much as Page Builder for it - we are still developing new features.
Even for WordPress there are at least 15 Page Builders' and each of them have has advantages and disadvantages.


More than a month ago #Permalink
Thanks for the reply, Paul. Perhaps there is a distinct difference between a heading and a header. I am referring to what SPPB calls a heading. There is a known bug that results in the text of headings inadvertently finding its way into, and replacing, other headings. I have had numerous instances where the heading replaces the heading of another add-on. I have had other experiences where the heading text doesn't even land in an add-on; it lands in the padding of a row and cannot be edited. These are the times when it seems the only solution is to close the page and re-open (or remove the row). Please let me know if there is a better solution.

As for my comments regarding the lack of features. I'll begin by thanking you for what SPPB is capable of. It is helping me to build a site that would otherwise require more of a learning curve. That said, there are features that are lacking, and it seems that you agree as much, based on your final paragraph in the previous post.

Regarding the div, it would be nice to have an easy way to make an entire add-on a link. For instance, I could create a text box and add some rows inside, and essentially make a feature box that is a link. On that note, it would be nice to be able to make an entire feature box a link as well. I'll bet custom CSS could allow for that, and if the source code of each add-on were to be made easily viewable and editable, I'd be happy to do so. However, when I see the custom CSS is blank it gives me nothing to go off of. Perhaps YouTube will have some instructional vids.

One more thing I found last night: It would be nice if the template for SEO Services had consistent columns. I presume column is the best term to describe what I mean. I say this because the second row of features has a box with a "Content Marketing" feature inside... that box is transparent. So if I change the row bg color that box's background changes to the new bg color, whereas the other five boxes are white. If the extension were free I'd be less critical, but these templates are a lot of the value of the product, and flaws like this affect my satisfaction. You get defensive at my critiques, and I'll admit that I'm a noob and there are things that those with experience wouldn't need because they can code. But there are things about SPPB that need improvement, and I just hope they're improved upon. That's all.

Paul Frankowski - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
it would be nice to have an easy way to make an entire add-on a link.

This part I understand. But tell me you need this for what addon , which one exactly ?
Maybe faster for you would be override that addon and make it alone, than waiting __ weeks.
about "Header" and the template for SEO Services had consistent columns.

Can you show me example of that (screenshots), I have to explain our developers. or /and Make a mock-up.
As you know "image is worth a thousand words"


More than a month ago #Permalink
I'm not sure what your market is, but I'd think people who could easily code a page wouldn't need SPPB. I'm savvy enough to google css tags and tinker with source code, but not experienced with building a page from scratch. So, to answer your first question, I don't need a particular add-on to be a link at the moment, but it would be a nice option to have available for a feature box, in my personal opinion.

I've attached a couple of gifs to show the issue with the SEO Services template. (1.gif, 2.gif)

I want to point out a strange phenomenon that I noticed when I tried to add a column in this section. (3.gif). Issues such as this are fairly commonplace for a paid extension, in my opinion. I don't know whether they would be deemed "bugs" or not. I'm a noob, so I'm open to the notion that some of the cause is user error, but I stumble into these situations frequently enough that they can't always be user error.

I have played around with this "top shape" and "bottom shape" but I do not see any change in the page. What is this "top shape"? (4.gif)

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