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button access level display issue and tabs addon issue

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I wanted to ask you to tell me how to deal with those issues.
1. some times ago (before version 3.6) I have created 2 buttons. The idea was to show one to guests (users who are not logged in) and the other one - to people who are registered. I used the advanced tab and set up those buttons using access level, as suggested by you. One for guests, and the other one for registered.
Now, the guests do not see any button. It was working before... Could you please suggest what shall I do?

2nd thing I wanted to mention - re tabs. Since the 3.5 sth version (4?), i have this issue with the front end editor, that when I start to amend a text addon (which is part of a tab), it just stops allowing me to edit, meaning it freezes and I need to save, refresh the page and click only in 1 place the text I want to adjust. If I click in 2 places, like the beginning of the line and then 1 word after, it freezes again... Could you please also look into that?
I'm using your templates, sp page builder...

let me know if you need any more explanation, screenshots etc

4 Answers

Paul Frankowski - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
ad 1) What addon you used to create those two buttons?
As I know, we didn't change anything in ACL settings by last updates.
Sometimes you don't need SPPB to create a simple button, in my projects I use custom modules with HTML code.
Fewer queries to the database/files = faster site.

ad 2) It may be related to JCE Editor, maybe you have an older version. Try with TinyMCE as well.


More than a month ago #Permalink

I actually use just button addons (not groups or custom modules). so the very standard thing.
How would you suggest to do this: show sth to non-registered users and show sth else to registered. Someone from your team suggested to use "guest" and "registered" access level.
As for the JCE, I'm using just 1 version below the current (2.14 and not 15), i will install the new one today, but don't know why it could interact with the button...


Paul Frankowski - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
In general, we do not teach Joomla basics, and ACL is part of it.
About JCE, the last version is 2.7.15 but 2.7.16 is on the horizon.
But 2.7.14 is also fully OK, I asked because people forget to update and sometimes it's a source of problems.


More than a month ago #Permalink
Hi Piotr,

I do understand that you guys do not teach the basics, BUT my button solution was working before and then suddenly it stopped, most likely after the recent page builder updates. I think it is part of the service you provide to figure out why it stopped. But i'm open to suggestions on how to do it differently, so you don't have to figure out why it stopped.

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