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Change Mega menu font size?

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I have been trying to standardise the fonts and style used with the mega menu within helix ultimate to no avail, I'm trying to get 'Profile' dropdown menu item to match font size and style in 'about' and 'services' dropdown.


Some technical notes: 'about us' and 'services' uses mega menu with modules in row functionality whereas the 'Portfolio' uses standard Joomla menu functionality, the interline spacing seems to be the main issue.

Any help would be appreciated :)

6 Answers

Paul Frankowski - Staff

4 weeks ago #Permalink
in general, tips are inside Helix Ultimate manual > FAQ
But indeed it's for classic menu items - if you have module there here is a solution

#sp-menu .sp-module ul > li > a {font-size: 15px;}

you can also add/set there line-height etc.
Thank you, this can already be done under your typographic section, my issue is the other way around.

the Joomla menu system seems not to match the mega menu typographic settings, I am happy with the 'helix ultimate' settings and changing them seems not to ba issue.

I would like to know how to match the Joomla subitems text styles to be the same as the mega menu subitems.

I believe this issues maybe with: <ul class="sp-dropdown-items">

<div class="sp-dropdown sp-dropdown-main sp-menu-right" style="width: 240px;"><div class="sp-dropdown-inner">
<ul class="sp-dropdown-items">
<li class="sp-menu-item"><a href="/portfolio">Some of our Projects</a></li>
<li class="sp-menu-item"><a href="/recommendations-and-testimonials">Recommendations</a></li><li class="sp-menu-item line-separator-orange"></li>
<li class="sp-menu-item"><a href="/portfolio/project-gallery">Project Gallery</a></li>
<li class="sp-menu-item"><a href="/portfolio/system-and-storage-build">System Build Gallery</a></li>
<li class="sp-menu-item"><a href="/portfolio/before-and-after">Before and After Gallery</a></li></ul>

as an example.

Paul Frankowski - Staff

3 weeks ago #Permalink
using custom CSS you can fix font-size everywhere.
used css classes you saw
sorry, but personally I cannot change Helix source code to help you more.
OK no issues, that I know, just wondered if I missed anything, seems odd that the menu system is not consistent.

Paul Frankowski - Staff

3 weeks ago #Permalink
Have a nice day;)

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