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Change the SP Easy Image Gallery over color

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I already contact you for this problem : I have a website with the Yoga template and I would like to change the over color for blue instead of pink.
I already change this :

.speasyimagegallery-gallery .speasyimagegallery-gallery-item.speasyimagegallery-gallery-item>div:before,
.speasyimagegallery-gallery .speasyimagegallery-gallery-item > div > a:before,
.speasyimagegallery-gallery .speasyimagegallery-album.speasyimagegallery-gallery-item>div:before,
.speasyimagegallery-gallery .speasyimagegallery-album > div > a:before,
.speasyimagegallery-albums .speasyimagegallery-gallery-item.speasyimagegallery-gallery-item>div:before,
.speasyimagegallery-albums .speasyimagegallery-gallery-item > div > a:before,
.speasyimagegallery-albums .speasyimagegallery-album.speasyimagegallery-gallery-item>div:before,
.speasyimagegallery-albums .speasyimagegallery-album > div > a:before {
content: '';
position: absolute;
left: 0;
top: 0;
width: 100%;
height: 0;
-webkit-transition: .4s;
-o-transition: .4s;
transition: .4s;
background-color: blue;
opacity: 0;

and I also created a custom.css in templates/shaper_yoga/css but nothing.
Sometimes it change for blue but three days after it becomes pink.

Can you help me please ?
The URL of the page : link

Thanks for your help,
Best regards,

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