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Changes in the CSS Files are beeing over written

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So I've got the Strings Template and installed the Quickstarter Pack.

I made a lot of changes in the template.css file. After other changes or a few hours/days somethings are getting over written and the changes I made dissapeared and the templates takes some format of how it looked like.
For example I changed the Background of all sites to white and now some of them are this strang dark blue like you got in the example strings template. Also I changed the fade of the pagetitle to white which also changed again. Then the also the color full display of the artists and gallery i changed to black and greyy and now it somehow also got overwritten and it's ver colorfull again.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug or issue?

I tried to search for the settings to change it in the backend and I changed it there if I found it and I also tried to get it done by customs css but it does always work.
And actually I like it much more to just make the adjustments in the css file if this is possible. But that somehow gets alwasy overwritten. And thats very annoying. Why is this happening?

Thanks in Advance

9 Answers

Paul Frankowski - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
I am surprised because I am using custom.css each time.
You have to be more careful about used class names or ID - so problem will gone.
Sometimes you can use even "!important"
Even in helix3 manual we have info that all core templates are overridden each time, so please do not touch them

Paul Frankowski - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
Each case is different, there is NO ONE GOLD CSS RULE.
You have to check each settings each time.
Good advice:
If you know which line from template.css you want to edit
just copy it,
then paste into custom.css from template and edit there.
custom.css file is loaded after template.css so will override "old" rule.

Paul Frankowski - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
To help you more I need at least one real existing example.
This is not theory game.

Paul Frankowski - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
Why confused?

If you want to add global CSS - add in custom.css
If you want to add custom CSS only for selected Page you can use add in CSS section.
It's so easy.

Paul Frankowski - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
You're welcome.
One day we have to do global meeting about SPPB & Helix :)

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