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container background color change

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I am Vijay Kumar, I wanted to know few things in helix templates, importantly helix ii template.

1. How to change the background color only for container, I did it this was .container{background-color:red!important; max-width:980px!important;} It changes but the bottom things like bottom 1, bottom2 etc are also changing. I dont want that.

I want to have a outer shadow for my container, but when I change everything is changed, please suggest me a solution. I want to have a boxed template with body background color different than the container. I have attached screen for reference.

2. Font awesome icons not working with templates, I have updated the font awesome but also no luck.

3. When I change some styles for modules, I have to make every module to change automatically, I checked with your template, its not possible as we were doing in helix framework(older versions)

4. How can I achieve fully responsiveness in your templates as I have changed the font style but when i viewed the mobile and tabs font isn't changed.

5. How can I have a header area transparent as you did in Vocal template, is that possible only from the One page designs?

these are the issues I am facing, please reply solution as soon as possible.

Thank You

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1 Answers

Arun Sasi

More than a month ago #Permalink
Hi Vijay,

Container is a common class. If you change the css for .container it will affect the other section also.
First you need to decide you are going with less or css.

PFA image for reference.

If you need to give css for a particular container then, Choose the parent ID and give the css.

For Ex: #sp-user-wrapper .container{background-color:red}


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