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Countdown addon is different in each country

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I have set a countdown add-on for a specific live event
on page

My users grab my attention to note that in each country the countdown is different.
I have checked how it look in other countries, and they are correct.

Each country has a different hour countdown.

Is it a bug or can this be fixed by the properties window?

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4 Answers

Toufiq - Staff

4 days ago #Permalink

Thanks for your query. The different time zone countdown feature is not available. You have to choose the time zone from global configuration from Joomla.



4 days ago #Permalink

I am not sure I understand your reply.
I want the countdown to use the server time, meaning everyone from any timezone will see the same countdown.

From the testing I was doing, the countdown is using the client local time of the client PC. You are saying it should use the server time. This is also what I would expect it to be.

Currently, the countdown feature is not using the server time.
I don't see the logic why each user should see a different time.

Please advise

- Gil


1 day ago #Permalink

Is there a resolution on how to use one global fix time to all users with the countdown?
Hi, Toufiq.
Perhaps you do not know, but the countdown add-on runs on the user's time, but not on the server time. I confirm this. In some cases this is convenient, like to count the time before the new year. In other cases not, like to count the time before the event. This addon requires a switch between user time / server time. It would also be nice to add the redirect function to it after the end of count (on / off) with the URL field

Hi, gil . At the moment this works as I described above. There is no way to switch it. I hope that the team will hear our requests and add the necessary settings in the future.

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