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Couple issues I have questions about

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I currently use News ii and moving to SportsOn, I already got answers to a couple questions but a have several more I am in need of information for.

With the template it loads the K2 categories menu above the content and the site menu at the very top of the page. I have done away with the site menu at the top of the page and where the K2 categories menu is I want to replace is but have found something out. If you change this out to a menu and change the background the background bleeds to the edges of the page unlike the category menu only shows the background color to the edge of the template. So how do I add the menu in without the background color bleeding to the edges of the browser or how to I setup the categories so that as someone hovers over them a drop down is shown for the multiple sub-categories.

The second issue I have encountered is when I enable "Top Stories" News Show SP2 plugin and link it to my K2 categories it breaks the entire template where I only see the 5 stories I want displayed on the main page and everything else is broken or no longer displays. How exactly do you fix this issue so when the "Top Stories" are enabled they show under the main position and doesn't break the entire template.

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