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Custom Code Doesn't Work: Part 2

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As a note, your forum is having issues. The reply button freezes in both Firefox and Chrome - hence this second post. *I think it could be CloudFlare. It was previously giving me a redirect / reCaptcha likely due to the script tag.

in Helix, there is a place to put Javascript code, but must be without starting tag.

sorry, but we cannot give you support for all code that you can find.
Maybe use plugin which allows you to use custom code.
You can find them inside JED


The same issue occurs without the <script> tag. I am aware of the place in Helix to place the custom code - as this is exactly what I am speaking of in this message. Helix>Custom Code.

It doesn't work - with or WITHOUT the script tag. And per additional extensions - this shouldn't be required if this feature works as needed. Overwhelmingly, this area for custom code is going to be used for tracking (e.g. Google Analytics, Tag, and Microsoft UET). So why don't you guys update documentation with a use-case as this has been requested before.

Ultimately, if the template says its supported, it should work with the 3 most common tracking snippets on the planet - not some rare code "that I can find". So please take a moment to investigate this before dismissing as "not our problem" and telling me to yet again install another Joomla extension to fix a template issue.


2 Answers

Paul Frankowski - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
yes, for example, Google tracking code works perfectly. I guess 10000 people can prove it.
About the plugin to insert custom code, I can give you a link if you cannot find it.
Or try custom.js file method.
Sure, developers can investigate, but not TODAY. I added to long check-list. That's why I suggested what I suggested yesterday, I hope you understand now. Thanks.

Paul Frankowski - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
About "CloudFlare" yes, indeed yesterday were problems. It doesn't depends on us. The prose of life.

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