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Different versions of accordion addon?

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I started building a new website using the Floox template (also installed the quickstart as a reference). I set up a FAQ page using accordion addon and wanted to style like it is in Rhino with the number on the left but was not able to see the options. After installing the Rhino quickstart I see Rhino's accordion has an additional field called Title Number. Further I went to look at the sp pagebuild demo at your site and edited the accordion addon and see they have another field called Title Icon.

How do I get those extra fields? Are there different versions of accordion within SP Pagebuilder Pro V3?

Thanks in advance for your assistance

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2 weeks ago #Permalink
I found that there are addon overrides for the spbuilder under each template. This is good and bad I foresee. So my question above is solved.

This leads to another question, how can I see the default of each addon? Do I just remove all the overrides?

Toufiq - Staff

One week ago #Permalink
Hi there,

Thanks for your query. We made specify addon for the specific template. If you wanna other template add-ons, then our end we are not able to help you. Because of that, we don't provide the customization support & custom development.

I have made a video. you can follow this video.


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