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Entering a unique section ID leads to unchangeable CSS (margin/padding) values

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I experience a similar issue like in this thread: https://www.joomshaper.com/forums/unwanted-gaps-between-rows

However the solution there is only regarding to a section with a specific ID. I shouldn't have to enter every section that has this issue in my custom.css

The issue/bug is:

  1. I give a section/row a specific ID (e.g. "registration" ) Then I add padding and/or margin values for this section in the row options.
  2. Later on, I decide to change the padding values. But these changes have no effect on the frontend
  3. I make sure production mode is off, all caches are cleared and the directory in media/com_sppagebuilder is empty
  4. Only if I change the section id (e.g. to "register" ) the new values have an effect
  5. As soon as I apply the old ID the "wrong"/initial values are applied, although they differ from what's in the style tab of the row options

The page inspector of the browser tells me that the "wrong" CSS for the section is inline in the page. And I find multiple instances of it, maybe because I tried to change it multiple times? (see attachment)

Does that mean the id and its CSS are in the database and the margin/padding values are locked in forever with that ID?

I am not sure, if that is a user (my) error or a bug...!?

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More than a month ago #Permalink
I am not sure, if that is a user (my) error or a bug...!?

Hi. Most likely it is so - it's your error. But without link to your site it is impossible to say for sure.

I do not quite understand your problem. But in general, no custom css values are not locked in a database. ID should be used in extreme cases, only when the possibility of a class selector exhausted. If you encounter with malfunction when using ID - this means that the ID is not unique.

KE Comm

More than a month ago #Permalink
The page is the Following:

The section with the ID anmeldung has inline styles with 0 padding.
The ID is necessary because there needs to be a direct link to that section.

However the section styles are set to padding-top 100px. As soon as you remove the ID the correct padding is applied.

(The odd thing is: Previously there was a erroneously a second section with the same ID on the page, but that one was deleted and again: No production mode, caches cleared, media-directory cleared.)

PS: I did solve this by using a different ID, but I shouldn't have to. I am not looking for another workaround here, I want to let the Joomshaper team know that this is exists and that it could be a bug.

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    2020-05-20 12_08_12-SP Page Builder - Edit Page - KUMAVISION - ERP. CRM. BI. CLOUD. - Administration.png 15.3 KB


More than a month ago #Permalink
For clarity - I'm not Joomshaper staff. Just I love puzzles. :D

...And yet, it seems your mistake. The problem comes from the the module that you use in mega menu.


And in addition, I have a tip for you. Production mod does not work for sppb modules. Their whole css code is always on the page as you can see it in the screenshot. It is very dirty, heavy and big code and bad code validation. I prefer not to use the SP PB module for things like mega menu.

SP PB module should be used for content parts only - such as content-top, and content-bottom positions, or to insert in Joomla editor such as the description of the category of articles.

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More than a month ago #Permalink
On your page, there are several modules containing the same ID.

Use the search that would find all the objects that contain this ID.


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KE Comm

More than a month ago #Permalink
That was already fixed. You must ahve accessed a cached version

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