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Need your help for Facebook LikeBox

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i'm sorry but i don't have success to set a FaceBook Like Box in my page.
I have follow th link to FaceBook Developper but i think i forget something.
It's the first time i implement this module in a SP page. So i really don't know how to do.

Without take you too much time, could someone explain shortly ro me, step by step what i must do ?

Thank you very much to all, Team and Users...

Have a good day.

11 Answers

Hello all,

at first time, i would like to send many thanks to Paul for his help for me.

I add here the solution of my problem if that can help someone.

In fact, i had not understand what was exactly show in a FaceBook module.

I had add the URL of my profile. But it's not possible to show the profile in a module.

I had must create a Page in FaceBook, and paste the Page URL in FaceBook LikeBox.

Now, all is OK, i have the wall of my FB Page in my Joomshaper Site.

Have a good day.

PS: No need to create a FB ID.

Paul Frankowski - Staff

2 weeks ago #Permalink
maybe just use ready likebox module instead, faster & easier.
or any other.
Hello Paul,

thank you very much, i had think i didn't need to install this extension, because i used th module in PageBuilder.

Have a good day.

i have try the module but i just needed the Facebook adon on PageBuilder.
Module and addon don't work for me.
I don't see anything in my page.

I have enter my Facebook Dev ID but nothing happen.

Could i have some help on this page ?

Thank you very much.

Paul Frankowski - Staff

2 weeks ago #Permalink
Resend me access via PM to your site I will check.

Paul Frankowski - Staff

2 weeks ago #Permalink
Addon is okay,
but used by you Facebook link is not, Facebook says error404

NEXT TIME CHECK 2x if used by you link is real

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    fb-not.png 11.2 KB
Like i said on MP, work with facebook/joomshaper but not work with my all others adresses.

Do you had use your FB ID or my ID ?

For the 404, facebook asked my password and i gone directly on page.
I don't understand why you have 404


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Paul Frankowski - Staff

2 weeks ago #Permalink
I don't have idea how FB works.
maybe it's problem with privacy settings.

Please check with another popular FB address , cocacola, pepsi etc.
ID is not needed
Hello Paul

really be sure i know all what you do for me on this situation.

I'm sure it's a stupid forget from me. I will check all parameters in my dev FB app.

Thank you very much.

Just if you can tell me if yesterday you have use your ID or mine for make link FB to Joomshaper work.

If it was your ID, that say i must perfect my FB parameters.

Thank you very much again.

Best regards

Paul Frankowski - Staff

2 weeks ago #Permalink
I used only our FB URL nothing more.

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