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Features not working as expected #2

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I have asked this question once before and the only solution offered was to install the quickstart or to overwrite the site with a backup of the quickstart. I am not prepared to do either. Aside from anything else it does not resolve the root issue merely avoids it. I have also noticed that the quickstart (which I did set up as a separate test site) has different module settings (e.g. no links) compared to latest download of the template and "required extensions". So I am asking once more how to address the issue - which I think is actually a css issue (probably missing module class suffices from the module, e.g. sp-animation).

This is the only thing remaining to resolve before the site can be made live and look fantastic.

The issue
In the live demo, and in the quickstart, the image icons are contained within a circle overlaid onto the top of the container so it looks like the container has a semi circle on top (image 1). As you can see in my installation that capability is missing (image 2).

I am looking for the css that I can put into the custom.css file that will replicate look of the template site.

Thank you in advance for your help

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2 Answers


More than a month ago #Permalink
From what I can see using Inspector, the template demo is picking up css from line 2543ish in template.css and code from animate.min.css to generate the effect. But in my site it is not doing this.

The demo site uses module class suffix (MCS) of "features sp-animation sp-scaleup"; the guidance says use the MCS of "container". When I try to use the same MCS as the template demo I still do not get the same result as the demo is offering.

Reading the "default.php" file of the module, it is expecting a MCS of "sp-feature-item-wrapper". When I include this the functionality is starting to work (see image) but not without a issues as can be seen from the attached image - the module is thrown to the left hand side of the screen and the functionality (the icon and circle) works only for the overall module rather than for each "feature" contained within the module.

It would appear that when JS have modified the template/features module last, as they have clearly changed between the template demo version and the template I BOUGHT about a ten days ago, they appear to have done so without testing as testing would have picked up and resolve this issue.

I do not want to be told to use the template quickstart and modify it to my sites contents (it install things I do not want) or to restore backups of someone else's site. I would like for this to be checked out and resolved please.

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More than a month ago #Permalink
I have now managed to resolve this issue on my own. Quite frankly, staff team should have known what the issue was.:(

In the Features module, each item has a "custom class". If you set this to "sp-feature-item-wrapper" for each item, it works! See image.

It has taken more than a week since this was first reported and a whole lot of frustration to resolve this; the really annoying thing is it was a really simple fix.

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