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Field 'map' in table 'spstrings_events' is not updated when saving

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Dear sirs,
saving an event in tpl SP STRINGS does not update the above mentioned database field.
It only saves the 'default' value.
After some fruitless trials I've changed the default value (= 40.7324319, -73.82480799999996) in the file '\administrator\components\com_spstrings\views\event\tmpl\form.form.xml' (on line 25) to "".
Then I created a new event with the 'Event Map' value: 51.1934933,6.430186 and saved it.
Afterwards the content of the database field 'map' was 0,0 !
Any correctly entered value of lan/lat-values are not saved.

Could You please correct it in the code?
Thanks in advance,

3 Answers

Toufiq - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink

Did you insert Google Map API? Please let me know.


Ulf Lohberg

More than a month ago #Permalink
Dear Toufiq,

yes, I inserted my Google Map API - ID at that location shown on Your picture.
And I do see the Google Maps - on the Homepage as well as in the admin section of an 'event' within the SP Strings component.

I can see my favourite map-addresses as well in both locations - but only if I hardcoded the len/lat-values in the database (field 'map' of table 'spstrings_events').
If I put those lat/len-values into the field 'Event Map' of a new created event (overwriting the standard value) and save the event, then the standard values are shown again (within the maps itself as well as in the databse!

A few hours ago I remarked following strange behavior:
1) I created a new event in the event component.
2) Within the event component Google Map showed that standard location '68-49-68-51 Main St, Flushing, NY 11367, USA'.
3) I clicked the red marker within the map window and moved it a little bit to the right - the standard value changed to '146 68th Dr, Flushing, NY 11367, USA'.
4) I saved the event and voila: the new map value had been stored in the database and is shown in the Google Maps!!!

5) I created a 2nd new event.
6) 2) Within the event component Google Map showed that standard location '68-49-68-51 Main St, Flushing, NY 11367, USA'.
7) This time I copied the address '146 68th Dr, Flushing, NY 11367, USA' from the first new event to that 2nd event.
4) I saved that event and - the copied map data has not been saved!!!.
It showed the standard value once again !!!

So, I presume that every manual input in that field 'Event Map' of the event component isn't recognized by the programming and is overwritten by the standard value after clicking 'SAVE' or 'SAVE & CLOSE' or 'SAVE & NEW'.

Kind regards

Toufiq - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink

Please send me FTP & Joomla Administrator login access via pm.


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