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Form Builder: not possible to submit, it always says there are fields missing

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I'm using SP Page Builder's form builder.
No submission is possible, it always complains there are necessary fields missing - but everything is filled alright.


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Paul Frankowski - Staff

One week ago #Permalink
Sorry for the delay, it wasn't easy for I found the source of the issue.
Form Builder addon CANNOT be inside a nested row. Please put it beyond.

rebuild 2nd row using columns grid: 4+4+4+12


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Paul Frankowski - Staff

One week ago #Permalink
1) I hope that you have installed SPPB Pro 3.6.1, am I right or not?
if you have older, it maybe old bug, which was fixed already.
2) Please Export that page, zip and upload here, I will check

Everything is up to date: Joomla, SP Page Builder, etc...

Please find the JSON file resulting from the export attached to this message.


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Further investigation in this matter:
- I disabled every cache I could think of
- I disabled all CSS and JS compression
- Admin Tools WAF is disabled
- .htaccess file returned to default
- tried multiple browsers
- everything is up to date

The problem persists.

Please help. This form is mission-critical.

One more piece of info: the SP Page Builder contact form works just fine.

Any news on this issue?
Further investigation: changed the default template from Calcio (JomShaper template) to protostar (default Joomla template): no luck, problem persists
It would be very nice if someone at JoomShaper could look at this...
This is a mission-critical form and it must be solved asap!

Paul Frankowski - Staff

One week ago #Permalink
I am during an investigation, but this is not CSI Miami where it takes 3 min to solve any crime case.
Hi Paul:

Thank for your help.
I've tested your proposed solution and I'm happy to report it is working fine now.

I understand you have a lot of customers to answer to, and I'm sorry if I came out sounding rude, but a bit of communication goes a long way: if you had said that you were looking into it or had you acknowledged the info I went on providing then I would have been much more relaxed.

Just a suggestion: add these tidbits of info (like the form builder not working on nested rows) to the SP Page Builder documentation. I believe there is nothing of that sort, to the exception of the forum - and this can be too much time consuming to search for such info.

Thanks again, best regards.

Paul Frankowski - Staff

One week ago #Permalink
About your original problem, I guess it's an issue which should be fixed soon.
This week I am almost alone on the forum, the team has a holiday, so it's a little bit crazy period for me. :p :p

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