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Front Page Editor Not Working - Possible Solution

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This post is more for the JoomShaper community and to ease the work given to the support team around what appears to be a frequent issue; the front-end editor not working. I had this problem as well, and after doing some testing with my hosting provider's lead CTO, we found the following.

Are You Using A CDN?
I use CloudFlare and although I was enabling the production mode on their website, it wasn't working. I had to go to the DNS area and turn off the service one-by-one for everything. I have since been told I only need to bypass the A records.

Turn Off Rocket Loader
According to the hosting provider, they found scripts injected in my website, which might be the reason the front-end editor is not working. They suggested turning this off, and if it works, you would not need to manipulate the CDN settings.

Subdomains Are Affected
We found that although I had a CDN for the main website, it also affected the subdomain as well. This means that even though you have signed up for a CDN for your website, it's going to trickle down to everything associated.

I also found even though I turned off GZIP, Joomla Cache, CSS compression, Java compression, the CDN, cleared my browser's cache, and placed the website in development mode in SP Pagebuilder, nothing happened.

Even though the CDN told me to wait 30 seconds for the changes to take effect, I found it was more like 5 minutes. So wait for everything to turn off before working on your site.

Joom Shaper Support Team
I would like to publicly thank Toufiq, Paul, and Sifat for their patience and willingness to work with me through private messages to help me solve this issue.

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