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Frontend editor not active

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HI Team,
Can you please help me with getting Frontend editor to work.
I can edit the page on backend and the website is live, but when i click on Preview of Frontend editor it gets me the "Error 404 page does not exist".

I have checked the settings and could not find a fault.

Thank you

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Paul Frankowski - Staff

2 weeks ago #Permalink
it's problem if site is multi-language only. It will be fixed soon.

If you want to edit from front-end please:
1) Login on front-end as Administrator
2) Go to page which one you want to edit
3) Click edit button (top right corner)
4) Edit
HI Paul,

I must be doing something wrong, but i still cant login into front end.
I have created two menu items:
One is Main menu with a link to the only SPPB page and the other one is a login with login form.
but when i click on the login it redirects me to the "error 404" .
I have read all manuals for the installation and could not find anything related to this issue.

I have Latest SPPB 3.0.2
Helix 3 (2.4)
PHP 7.x
Caсhe is clean as a virgin
and still no luck...

Can you may be login into my website and have a look?



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Paul Frankowski - Staff

2 weeks ago #Permalink
Please use Private Message (PM) to send me access to your site,
I will be able to check.
Please use Private Message (PM) to send me access to your site,
I will be able to check.

Looks like problem was sold by myself:
I had to turn off SEF (Search Engines Friendly URLS in SEO Section of Joomlas Global configuration).
I looks like SP Pagebuilder is not compatible with this function of Joomla.

Also turning off SEF resolved many other issue with Modules not being active or linking to 404 pages once clicked.

Paul, what do you think?
Is this critical to turn off SEF?

Need to go to the Joomla webhost file folder (Public HTML) find a file htaccess.txt and rename to .htaccess

All SEF are on and frontend & other stuff is forking fine.


I think this needs to be added to Documentation or FAQ

Paul Frankowski - Staff

One week ago #Permalink
I think this needs to be added to Documentation or FAQ

Yes, it's but in Joomla Manual and in almost every book about Joomla basics. hahahah, really.

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