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Frontend Editor waaaaay too slow!

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Hi, we are using:
Version: 3.6.1
Search Engine Friendly URLs = ON
Shared Sessions = ON

Initially we click on the "Frontend Editor" next to a page name, a new browser session opens up with a blank page, then sometimes:
a. it takes 2-5 minutes before the page is populated with the content on the right and the editor options menu on the left of the page. Even if the user clicks on the "Pages" icon on the left menu, then select a new page to edit, it takes the same amount of time.

b. Nothing shows up (blank/white page) and it seems it times out.

There are no specific pages that cause these loooooong delays. And sometimes a page that never showed any content, can work fine randomly later.

When a page is called by the editor, what processes happen? What does it do before showing the content?


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More than a month ago #Permalink
We are NOT using CDN, so the article ( about the subdomains is not relevant on this case.

SPPB = 3.6.1
PHP = 7.2
PHP memory_limit is set to 512M
There are no warnings or errors in PHP log as a false-positive, because there is no errors to report.

Looking at the MySQL activities, the problem seems to be with a "sleeping query". PHP query is not closing its connection to the database. I can see MySQL is waiting.

Also I have noticed if the number of pages in SPPB increases, the wait time becomes longer. In our scenario from the time that I click on the Frontend Editor button until anything is displayed, it is about 90-100 seconds or finally it times out based PHP's timeout variable. Waaaaaay too long!

Any ideas?


More than a month ago #Permalink
SPPB is now upgraded to the latest version, 3.6.2

The upgrade didn't have any impact on the problem.

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